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Here are UFOs of music as we like them. Smiling originals, guys who want it while remaining super nice.

The Spunyboys could have been born in 1945 and had a career in the 60s without anyone being surprised. But in 2022, a group so dedicated to rockabilly, it's quite unprecedented. Because they have a kind of fabulous class, a somewhat old-fashioned but quite charming glibness.

The Spunyboys are very special artists, because they seem to live their stuff so naturally that they manage to make country the next musical genre to follow. They are not outdated, in fact. They are deliciously anachronistic.

When we discovered that they were from Lille (and from our time!), we spent a lot of time browsing their videos, their Facebook profiles and their Youtube channel. And we kinda fell in love.

The three boys were formed in 2011. Rémi and Guillaume, brothers in civilian life, bassist and singer for the first, drummer for the second, had already been touring together since 2006. Eddie joined them with his guitar five years later, therefore. And since then, they have been touring all over the world. The three of them managed to bring Rockabilly up to date, which is still a challenge.

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