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About us

"The double bass is the 4th member of Spunyboys", Antoine De Caunes
(French TV star) says. And he's right.


The trio, originally from the North
of France, perpetuates the American tradition of sailing along the
Mississippi, without forgetting the irreducible English guardians of the
flame. Their dominant music is rockabilly, no doubt.


But they also pay
homage to hillbilly culture, with 50s Afro-American influences and a
respect for true country music.

The first album "Just a Lille beat" is an evocation to the sources. While the
second, "Moonshine" announces the color. With more than a thousand
concerts on the clock, the group is to be discovered on stage. Spunyboys is a
journey, it's an atmosphere, it's hot, it's passionate.
In 2023, the band is on a promotional tour in Europe.

Rémi (vocals/double bass)
Guillaume (drums, backing vocals)
Eddie (electric guitar)

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